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XchangeWorx Supporting Care Coordination in Northern New York

New service enhancing population health

ALBANY – XchangeWorx announces a project with the Adirondacks Accountable Care Organization (ACO) to provide better care coordination for Northern New York.

Adirondacks ACO is working with Medicare to make it easier for doctors and hospitals to work together.  This network of providers includes six hospitals and more than 450 primary care and specialty clinicians encompassing seven counties in New York and two in Vermont.

Adirondacks ACO contracted with XchangeWorx to implement its XW Perform Population Gateway which allows hundreds of primary care physicians and specialty clinicians to better coordinate care in the region.

In partnering with XchangeWorx, the goal was to provide a connection across the vast Adirondack region, hundreds of healthcare locations and many different electronic medical record systems.  “As a risk-bearing entity Adirondacks ACO are tasked with providing metrics for performance goals,” said Joel Ryba, CEO of XchangeWorx.  “Our service allows this network and its hundreds of physicians to safely and securely gather, analyze data and send alerts to colleagues, in short to do their job quicker and more efficiently.  This provides better care coordination in Northern New York.”

“The XchangeWorx cloud enables us to securely gather clinical history on a group of managed patients for our care management and population health analytics processes,” said Wouter Rietsema, Chief Medical Officer of the Adirondacks ACO.  “With this information, healthcare professionals can analyze the data and act on it, in a new and more efficient manner.  This translates into better care for our patients.”

“In essence, what we built for the Adirondacks ACO is a Virtual Private eXchanges (VPX) on top of the public HIE,” added Ryba.  “This empowers their member organizations to safely and securely query and access electronic health records under the governance they established.  This translates to healthcare professionals working more efficiently and effectively.”  


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